Boring Company Sells 1000 Flame Throwers

The owner of The Boring Company recently oversaw the delivery of the first batch of the company’s new personal flamethrowers. Some of them are now available on eBay. However, they are quite costly on this platform compared to the ones that the company’s owner unveiled. Regarding actual numbers, The Boring Company availed the first 1,000 of units of an expected 20,000 units of the flamethrowers that the owner, who also runs SpaceX and Tesla, initially promised. At the unveiling event, he invited the people who ordered the 1,000 units at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters.

Each TBC flamethrowers were priced at 500 dollars, and the new owners could be seen showing them off by roasting marshmallows. Two days later, some of these came up on eBay and were priced at between 2,800 to 3,330 dollars. The big man behind the company later posted some pictures from the unveiling event on Twitter for the world to see and had lots of nice things to say about the flamethrowers.

So, what makes the TBC flamethrowers special? Compared to the traditional military flamethrowers that people are more familiar with – the ones offered by TBC are friendlier, and throw flame just a few feet. Pictures and videos are available on social media courtesy of some of the new owners. Furthermore, the TBC flamethrowers can come in handy in several other activities, such as igniting your BBQ fireplace according to the Tesla and SpaceX CEO on Twitter. He said that a flamethrower is the best way to perform these tasks and claimed that it would generate more warmth than a pile of logs once dropped in a fireplace.

In another post, the CEO put up a photo of a couple who had a flamethrower and a baby carriage and suggested it would also be a good way to warm up babies. Out of concerns about the flamethrowers being a fire hazard, one Twitter user brought up the issue of California fire hazards. He sarcastically asked The Boring Company owner to respect firefighters and make an Ice Blaster instead of a flamethrower. The CEO had a response that may have revealed what the company’s next product may be. After stating that each flamethrower comes with a fire extinguisher, he added with some sarcasm too that he will provide a TBC ice blaster before the season begins in winter.

The Twitter user’s concerns are genuine given the popularity and interest that the TBC flamethrowers have seen soon after their launch. These concerns are even more when one thinks about areas like California, which has high fire danger and recently massive losses brought about by wildfires. For this reason, a Los Angeles member of the state assembly proposed a bill to regulate the sale of the flamethrowers in California.

With the Tesla CEO focusing his energies on The Boring Company, his presence has boosted the sales given the following that he has. His efforts have helped the company from the financial standpoint considering that all the 20,000 flamethrower units already have buyers with their 500-dollar price tag. The sales translate to a hefty revenue for The Boring Company amounting to 10 million dollars. In a recently released video, The Boring Company highlighted one of its other projects. It featured a tunnel that the company had set up near its headquarters to show how it plans to speed up traffic in the area.

Previously, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO had promised rockets for cars alongside consumer flamethrowers. All these seemed impossible until the recent delivery of the latter. Now, we can wait to see whether he can also deliver on the rocket thrust er promise.


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