Kris Jenner Opens Up About Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Leak: ‘It Was Devastating

Kris Jenner was asked about her daughter Kim Kardashian’s sex tape once again as she sat down for a chat with Harvey Levin for his show “OBJECTified”.

Jenner, 62, admitted the whole thing was “devastating” as she was quizzed by Levin, 67, about whether or not the tape was the thing that catapulted the family into the limelight.

Jenner shared in a preview clip ahead of Sunday’s episode, “You know, I can’t control what other people say. Obviously that was a hard thing to go through.

“The thing I learned from that is that you can get through anything as a family. That was obviously a real hard time for any mom. It was devastating.”

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The tell-all interview will also see Jenner open up about being diagnosed with a bone tumour when she was a young girl.

The reality TV favourite admitted there was a possibility at that time that she could’ve lost her leg, Extra reported.

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Jenner explained, “That’s what they told my mom. The technology in those days was they couldn’t tell if it was cancerous or not until they got in there, and if it was, they were going to have to amputate.

“I didn’t really understand at the time the impact of what was going on around me and how lucky I was to have survived that.”

Not ending the chat there, Jenner then calls cheating on her late husband, Robert Kardashian, “one of the biggest regrets” of her life. Read more here.


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